8 things I would tell my pre-baby self

1. SLEEP, SLEEP AND SLEEP SOME MORE, take daily naps, go to bed early, have the longest lie ins, sleep on journeys, sleep when your ill because trust me, a good sleep is so rare when you have a baby.

2. Go out as much as possible, go to the cinema, go out for meals, go for cocktails, go shopping because you will have plenty of time at home when you have a baby and all of those things become a true luxury.

3. Watch all of the films and box sets, even the programmes you don’t really enjoy because you will miss any adult tv when you have children. All you will start to hear is Peppa Pig being demanding in the morning and Iggle Piggle’s strange noises in the evening. However, you may occasionally be treated to a bed time story read by Tom Hardy on CBeebies.

4. Be spontaneous. Found a last minute bargain holiday? Book it. Fancy a McDonald’s at midnight? Get that Cheeseburger. You want to go on a random drive? Get in that car and drive. You don’t get to be very spontaneous when you have kids so make the most of it before you have to plan everything from how many nappies you need to take to how many spare outfits you need in case the baby is sick on you.

5. Treat yourself. Get your nails and hair done. Buy that top that you love and choose the smallest clutch bag that you can find before you have to lug around a huge changing bag full of every item you can think of, I mean who cuts their baby’s nails when they are out? I never, but I still carried around a pair of baby nail clippers in the changing bag 😂

6. Enjoy your hangover. Stay in bed, watch tv all day, eat leftover pizza, don’t do any chores because when you become a parent, you still have to try and keep tiny humans alive when your only just managing to keep yourself alive and trust me, it’s hard!

7. Enjoy the ‘boring’ times. I used to hate waiting around in an airport, I would hate long plane and car journeys and I would hate having nothing to do. But I can tell you now, I would love to sit in an airport being able to read a book, look around duty free with no distractions and just relax. Because although I love taking my boys on holiday, it is definitely not boring and it is definitely not relaxing.

8. Last of all I would tell myself I would be a great mum. I wish I didn’t worry so much about how I would cope, how I was going to look after a tiny baby when I had no experience and I wish I didn’t worry so much about other people’s opinions. It all comes natural and yes there are hard times and you will wonder how you will get through it but you will be great and you will do your best job and that’s all that matters.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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