5 things I wish I knew about being a mum

I absolutely love being a mummy but there are a few things I wish I knew before I got thrown into the world of unknown.

1. Labour is not always what it seems like on One Born Every Minute. When I was pregnant for the first time I watched almost every episode, I knew it would be painful but I felt so prepared and excited. 9 days after my due date I went into labour, after what felt like hours at home we finally went to the hospital and they told me I was already 5cm dilated, I was over the moon and felt strong and ready for what was about to come. However, everything went downhill from there and I had a lot complications, they wanted me to have a blood transfusion and Harvey came out weighing 9lb 5.5oz. It took me weeks to recover and I was traumatised which is why I opted for a c section the second time round which I am so glad I did as Theo weighed 10lb 1oz! (I’m only 5ft1!)

2. You probably won’t be the perfect parent that you dream of being. I always thought that I wouldn’t let my children control me but honestly, sometimes they do, especially my three year old. Most of the time he’s an angel but if we are out shopping and he is playing up I will buy him sweets just so he will walk nicely and sometimes we won’t go in a certain shop just because he doesn’t want to just so he doesn’t throw a massive tantrum.

3. You will never take sleep, being able to eat in peace and shopping on your own for granted ever again. When your pregnant everyone always says make sure you make the most of your sleep before the baby arrives but you don’t ever truly understand why they say that until it’s too late. Tired is an understatement when you have a baby so when your able to get a good night sleep it feels better than anything you can ever think of. Eating a hot meal in peace is a luxury, being able to walk round the shops without a pushchair or a three year who hates Primark more than anything in the world and will refuse to go in is a luxury, being able to have a long shower is a luxury and even being able to sit on the toilet without being disturbed feels like a luxury when your a mum!

4. Motherhood can be lonely. I never knew how lonely I would feel before I became a mum. When your the only one awake in the night trying to get your baby to sleep, when your partner is at work and you spend the whole day at home with CBeebies on the TV and no other adult to talk to and when you see other mums meeting up with friends every day but your own friends are busy or live too far away.

5. You will love your children more than anything in the world and nothing will make you prouder. I always knew I would love my children but I never knew how much I could love them until they were born and even though you could be having a bad day, when you see your child do something they haven’t done before or learn something new, your heart will beam with pride. I love both of my children more than I could ever imagine, they make me so proud in different ways and just seeing them smile and laugh brightens up my day.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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